Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lavera lipstick peach (amber 02) £11.90

Lavera isn’t a brand I’ve heard a lot about in the beauty community. Despite this I think the brand is worthy of praise because they produce a range of products for all skin types including very sensitive.

But the finish of this lipstick was more silky and appealed less to me. Some more fashion forward make-up brands like Topshop, Barry M, Gosh etc are producing more matt lipsticks because they are becoming more in trend. I tend to prefer that look much more.

I presume maybe the colour palette is aimed at slightly older women. But they did have some lovely classic shades and a few more contemporary.

In addition I would not say the packaging is trendy or eye-catching. It’s kind of plain. I suppose you are mainly paying for natural ingredients and the quality of product. If you have sensitive skin, Lavera would be well worth looking into.

I do not really have problem skin therefore feel the benefits from using Lavera products are not worth the money. But the lipstick was quite moisturising and gave a polished look to the lips.

I was unhappy with the colour. I was going for a 80s look with an orange shade but did not feel confident enough to pull it off. If you have bought a lipstick shade which is maybe quite bright or slightly uncomplimentary to your skin tone I would suggest first applying a good lip balm then apply a smaller amount of the lipstick. Blot with tissue for a dewy sheer look. Also as an option, apply a clear or nude lip gloss over the top.