Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sweet Cecily’s lime & mango flavour lip balm 10ml £2.95

I was inspired to buy this lip balm because of the sweet packaging and I wanted to see if I would like the scent. I love anything mango and have a few mango products. However I’ve never really tried any lime cosmetics/bath stuff.

I wasn’t mad keen on the scent. It seems to be quite a natural product with natural ingredients. It feels really soft of the lips and isn’t too greasy like some lip balms.

The packaging is quite small so it’s nice and handy to pop in your bag. Despite this the concentrate is quite thick therefore I imagine will last me a long time.

There’s nothing really magical about formula to make it do wonders to the lips. It just seems like day to day lip balm and at £2.95 it’s a fairly reasonable price.

(I bought this product at the Danby health shop, North York Moors)