Saturday, 28 July 2012

Free Lavera Samples Review: Sensitive Hand Cream & Mango Shampoo

Sensitive Hand Cream

I really enjoyed using this product. I do find my hands can get dry sometimes and this is a lovely product to use, especially if you like to feel pampered.

The ingredients include almond and shea butter and make the product smell completely divine. The product is really kind to the hands and is suitable for sensitive skin. I found the cream to be soothing and very calming.

Compared to other hand creams I’ve tried, the consistency is a little oilier but I did not have a problem with this.

The packaging is lovely and smart, quite pretty to have at a dressing table. With receiving this as a 20ml sample, it was perfect for carrying about in a handbag when you go out also.

I’ve tried a couple of hand creams from a range of brands and out of all of them, this is my fav! Click here for more info on Lavera products. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the product.

Mango Shampoo

The fragrance of the mango shampoo was really something; I loved the scent in the shower which lasted on the hair afterwards. The product consistency was quite gloopy but also thick making the small sample go quite far.

After showering, while I dried my hair it felt so soft and thick. The finished look was really nice. My hair was shiny and healthy looking.

What I didn’t realise afterwards was the full-size bottle states that the Lavera mango shampoo is aimed at coloured hair. My hair is fairly natural but felt my hair benefited still from using this product.

I think because Lavera products use natural and sensitive skin friendly ingredients, that maybe that all hair types could benefit from the shampoo.

The Lavera make-up range was pretty good, nothing special but after testing these two samples, I was really impressed. I will probably be repurchasing the hand cream and I’m going to try out other skin/hair care products by this brand.