Monday, 30 July 2012

Shout Magazine BYS Make-up Palette Freebie

This Magazine was sold on June 12th. Unfortunately this issue has been and gone in local newsagents however you may be able to purchase the issue on eBay if you’re lucky.

This issue came with a free BYS make-up palette. I don’t normally buy shout magazine but thought it would be an easy read while I was away on holiday, plus I was tempted with the freebie!

I haven’t heard of the BYS make-up brand before. I Googled it and they have a website. Unfortunately you can’t buy make-up products on there but you can view general information. I noticed on the website, they were advertising Top of the Pops magazine with a free lip gloss by BYS.

The little make-up compact I received was pretty good. The design of the palette was lovely and modern, including a mirror on the inside. The mirror wasn’t high quality but reasonable for travelling.

The palette included four shades of eye shadow, a grey eye pencil and a make-up applicator. Sometimes with inexpensive make-up some of the ingredients can irate the skin. I did not find this and found the quality to be quite reasonable.

The colours were really wearable and ones I might go out and buy anyway. When I swatched them, they gave a shimmer metallic look onto the skin. The grey eye pencil was a lovely colour which is very wearable for during the day. Also it was extremely soft and easy to apply.

Look out for BYS make-up products and click here to see their website!