Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pri Mark Lipsticks (berry and pink) £1 each

I have to give my hats off to Primark, for £1 per lipstick I was not expecting much but these lipsticks are wonderful.

I’m not a big lipstick person but have recently been loving matt lipsticks and these ones I bought were lovely shades in a matt formula.

I first picked up the lighter pink shade, as this colour has been quite a popular colour in magazines etc. When applying it to my lips it was lovely and also quite bright. It’s quite a statement colour.

I picked up the berry colour, it seemed quite dark but I thought I would give it a go. It looks a lot darker on the stick, whereas on the lips it’s slightly more of a sheer berry.

Both lipsticks you can build up and add more to make it look pigmented which I love. I tend to apply two coats and then blot with a piece of tissue. 

I think Primark has only two colours of lipstick, to my knowledge, or at least that’s what was left. If you want to pick some up, they should be found by the till, with all the other beauty bits.